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Restaurant Call Center

Can a Restaurant Call Center Really Enhance Throughput, Increase Average Order Size & Improve the Guest Experience?

Designed to help restaurant chains dramatically increase sales while lowering labor costs, restaurant call centers are the new disruptive in the industry. Facing a tide of increased competition, rising labor and food expenses, high expectations for customer service and tighter margins—especially with third-party delivery—owners/operators are scrambling for solutions to bring down costs.

Enter the all-sector restaurant call center, a service that allows restaurants to outsource certain operational functions to a third-party vendor outside of the restaurant location. With a skilled and focused team of dedicated call center experts to streamline the call-in, take-out and delivery ordering process, both restaurants and consumers will have an enhanced and more cost-effective customer service experience.

The benefits of a call center are numerous—and measurable:

  • It eliminates the need to hire internal phone service employees and allows on-premise employees to focus on other needed essentials. For guests, the on-premise customer experience is better because the staff is not distracted by phone calls, taking attention away from customers in the store.
  • Call center agents can handle calls faster and better. They are totally focused on each caller, and they work within an environment that’s conducive to relationship-driven—yet fast-cycle–person-to-person conversations.
  • Adept at asking for the up-sell and cross-sell, call center agents never forget that every extra dollar taken in truly matters to your store’s bottom line. And agents can also give educated answers about menu items, further enhancing the customer experience.
  • Calls are never missed, thus ensuring customer satisfaction and maximizing every sale opportunity. Calls are answered immediately and professionally with your restaurant name and standard greeting. Trained call center agents can handle all types of orders and reservations in a consistent fashion, thus adhering to company policy and brand.

The metrics:

Statistics show that off-premise order taking can lower labor costs by 30-50% on average while increasing average ticket size by over 15%. How? Call centers significantly lower the cost per order by only charging restaurants for the transaction time of the agents, thus eliminating salaries for a staff that handle order taking/reservations.

Furthermore, multiple trained agents can handle incoming calls and increase throughput, resulting in more people getting through the door faster. A busy QSR or pizzeria can take lunch orders from 10 customers at a time instead of only one at a time.

Which leads us to the one caveat that may hold you back…

Your POS system.

You must have proper POS system support. If your POS system doesn’t have a “call center” option, don’t utilize a call center! The POS needs to ‘pop’ the call center agent to the correct store and bring up the caller just as it would inside the store. It can be a nightmare if the agent has to jump through hoops to link to the right store to take the order.

With the proper integration, orders will seamlessly flow into your POS (and KDS) system at the appropriate location, thus streamlining order taking and maximizing order accuracy.

Looking to lower costs, increase revenue and improve customer service via a call center? Look no further than PDQ POS. With seamless integrations, unmatched, anytime support and a top rated, feature-rich, all-concept point-of-sale system, PDQ—an all-in-one, all-in-house provider– has proven long-term success in helping growing enterprises reach their potential.

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