Self-Serve Kiosks
Our custom-wrapped self-serve kiosks can reduce labor costs, increase sales & enhance the guest experience!

PDQ self serve kiosk POS

  • Increase orders up to 30% vs. counter/phone orders
  • Measurably reduce labor costs
  • Allow for enhanced resource allocation (staff can be allocated to cleaning/prepping, etc.)
  • Prevent order entry mistakes that raise inventory costs
  • Enhances the guest experience
  • With secure EMV payment or just print receipt for payment at the register

OPTION: Artificial Intelligence Recognition Technology

AI Technology, Meet Self-Serve Kiosks…

Tailored Experiences. Targeted Loyalty. Tangible Data.

Much like Amazon and other forward-thinking retailers see its customers in the online world, today’s face-based technologies allow restaurants to see their customers in the offline world. Consider AI-driven self-serve kiosks… Not only do they allow for the creation of tailored guest experiences and targeted loyalty when they return, but they also furnish a trove of tangible ordering data, segmented by desired demographics.


  • Customized, one-on-one interactive experience at the ordering kiosk
  • Significantly reduces the friction associated with loyalty program registration and use; guests can activate their loyalty account without swiping a card or typing in details
  • AI kiosks keep track of a returning guest’s preferences and habits—data that is essential to making tailored item-choice recommendations
  • Past orders can automatically display to returning guests, thus simplifying the order process
  • Suggested ordering and up-sell can be tailored to guest demographics, including gender, age, etc.
  • Kiosks in general can lower costs through labor reduction and enhance operations through better resource allocation, as order takers can be utilized for essentials such as cleaning and prepping

But perhaps the most vital aspect of an AI kiosk lies in the collection of ordering data. With our industry-leading Customer Data Management (CDM) reporting suite, you’ll instantly know key essentials, such as who’s ordering what… and this previously elusive knowledge will help you make more informed decisions regarding your menu, your inventory and your growth strategy.

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