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Delivery Toolkit

Delivery is an essential aspect of your restaurant business–and it’s not going away! Our innovative PDQ Delivery Toolkit smartly combines essential aspects of delivery and places them into one powerful, easy-to-use iOS/Android app. In this 9-minute podcast you’ll learn how the Delivery Toolkit enhances service, lowers costs and gives you valuable insight into the entire process!

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PDQ Delivery Toolkit


Measure. Understand. React. A great POS system should amass labor data, provide all-inclusive labor reporting, offer holistic labor cost monitoring and labor forecasting (via sales forecasting), seamlessly integrate to top tier scheduling providers & have the latest cost-containing innovations in hardware, software and services. (6 minutes)

Enabling Success

Our loyal customer base encompasses an acclaimed 2800+ nationwide gourmet sandwich franchise, hundreds and hundreds of single store restaurants/pizzerias and everything in between. Regardless of size, scope or concept, PDQ POS truly enables success. Learn how! (3 minutes)

A Brief Discussion About In-House Delivery

Third-party delivery? In-house delivery? And three things your POS needs to do well in order to be successful… (6 minutes)

What Does Native and Seamless Integration Mean?

What is native integration? What is seamless integration? And how are they different? (5.5 minutes)

Cloud vs. Traditional POS

Pure cloud-based POS sure gets a lot of attention these days. But it is really the best platform for your stores? Learn the real difference between cloud and traditional POS and how a hybrid approach will allow you to embrace the cloud without being dependent on it! (3 minutes)

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Cloud vs Traditional POS

Professional Services

Need menu management or support after hours? Many POS providers charge a LOT extra for Professional Services such as menu creation/updates and weekend/holiday services. But not at PDQ! We include most everything under our low cost monthly maintenance structure. And that’s another reason why we have the MOST SATISFIED customers in the business! (3.5 minutes)


Can you use your existing hardware with PDQ POS software? Perhaps… BUT here’s what you should know before you ask. After all, it’s all about performance, isn’t it? (3 minutes)

Help Desk

All POS vendors have Help Desks of some variety. But the differences between them are numerous. From a financial aspect (is 24x7x365 support included in the regular maintenance fee or are off-hours/weekends/holidays extra?) to staffing (do they answer their phones?) to technological prowess (can they resolve most issues on the initial call?), all Help Desks are NOT created equal! (4 minutes)

In-House Development

When it comes down to basics, a POS is only as good as the software that runs it–and the vital task of writing the code that makes it work falls on the Development Team, a specialized group of highly talented “coders.” While many POS providers outsource their development or utilize a team that’s located ‘off-shore’, PDQ POS maintains an in-house programming staff. Learn why this better for both the product and for you, the end-user. (4.5 minutes)

Shopping for Value

Everyone wants value in a product or service.. But what is “value” and how is it measured? And how does cost affect value…or does it? Learn how to look for–and find–value when it comes to buying a POS system for your business. (9 minutes)

Not All POS Providers are Technology Solutions Companies

Learn why PDQ Signature Systems, a full-featured Technology Solutions Company that excels in POS, is better positioned to provide comprehensive, innovative & fast cycle solutions regardless of concept, size or scope! (6 minutes)

What an “All-in-One” Provider Does for You

We know a POS system is the backbone of your business, but there are numerous ancillary products and services that can add measurable value by reducing costs, increasing sales and saving time/effort. With an all-in-one provider like PDQ Signature Systems, you can get everything you need, all under one roof! (7 minutes)

Architectural Framework

The technological platform your POS is running on has a direct effect on reliability, ease of use, speed and scalability. What platform is your system using? (3.3 minutes)

Are You Ready For Football Season?

Everyone wants great food when watching football. But this year the rules have changed–not for the game, but for you, the restaurant owner. With contactless delivery, take out and pick up becoming the new normal, your POS needs to have this critical functionality and much more! Learn what’s required to be successful. (2.6 minutes)

Contactless Functionality from a 32-Year Leader in Off-Premise Solutions

Clearly, the biggest buzzword in the restaurant industry this year is “Contactless.” But while many POS companies have been striving to add this functionality–along with delivery, take-out & pick-up–to their POS system, we’ve being doing off-premise for over 32 years… And that makes us industry experts in the services you need most! (4 minutes)

Data & Cyber Security for Your POS & Your Store

Less discussed, but not less important, is the protection of guest payment cards as well as any guest data, employee data & store data that resides in your system. While PCI Compliance helps safeguard payment card data, you also need to secure your POS environment from ransomware, viruses and other malware exploits. Fortunately, our PDQ Security platform does all that–and more! (4 minutes)

Why You Need a Full Service POS Provider

The perfect scenario for a restaurant owner/operator is to have a multi-faceted provider that can do just about everything, including diverse solutions that include hardware products, software services, data/cyber security with PCI compliance and expert 3rd party integrations. PDQ Signature Systems provides all this–and more! (3 minutes)

Menu Management

Whether adding or eliminating menu items, menu management is a vital facet of your business. Unlike many other POS providers, we do NOT charge extra for this needed Support Plan service. Our expert in-house Menu Team will happily make your menu changes, promptly and effectively. It’s just another way we help you grow your business! (2 minutes)

How Pizza Prepared Us

People often ask us how we were so well prepared to immediately help restaurants with off-premise solutions when the global pandemic became a reality here in the US. We were ready because delivery, take-out and pick-up (the essentials that are today’s ‘new normal”) are services we’ve been doing since our inception over 34 years ago! Simply put, we began serving pizzerias. And while that may not appear “sexy,” the nuances of ordering and fulfilling pizzas, including an array of modifiers, is perhaps the most difficult restaurant concept to master. (3+ minutes)

Speed & Ease of Use

Let’s get back to basics… A restaurant POS must be fast and easy to use, with intuitive functionality. PDQ POS is designed for speed and programmed for operational simplicity. No wonder why it’s been called “the fastest POS” and “the easiest POS to learn, use and manage!” (2 minutes)

Self-Serve Kiosks

Proven to increase ticket amounts by up to 30%, our custom-wrapped Self-Serve Kiosks are the perfect addition to your restaurant by lowering labor costs and/or allowing for enhanced resource allocation. Available standalone and on-countertop, with secure EMV payment and/or printed receipt. (2 minutes)

Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf

Many POS providers offer small-to-midsize chains/franchises an off-the-shelf POS system–one that fills a want, but doesn’t really satisfy all of the needs. At PDQ Signature Systems, we realize how vital customization is to a growing enterprise. And that’s a differentiation between us and…well, most everyone else! (2+ minutes)

A Partner For Large Restaurant Franchises, Single-Store Independents (and everything in between)

Whether you’re a single store independent, a 2800+ unit gourmet sandwich franchise (like our largest customer) or somewhere in between, our philosophy is still the same: treat everyone as a valued partner. (<2 minutes)

POS Products & Services for Restaurant Success

With an array of proven hardware, software, security, integration and support solutions, PDQ Signature Systems has EVERYTHING your restaurant needs for sustained success. (4.5 minutes)

Disrupting POS Through Innovation

Challenging the status quo and being a trend-setter in the industry requires foresight, outside-the-box thinking and, of course, innovation. Learn how our people, products and processes are changing the game and delivering a better overall solution! (>6 minutes)

Let’s Focus on 2021

Five concepts to consider for 2021–all of which will save time, effort and costs, and help drive sustained success for your restaurant(s). And, of course, we provide them all! (6 minutes)

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

What “Total Cost of Ownership” (TCO) entails–and why it’s VITAL to understand each of the parameters that encompass overall cost. At PDQ Signature Systems, an educated prospect is truly our best customer! (7 minutes)

Is Your Technology Correctly Focused?

In reviewing a presentation from a competitive POS provider, I couldn’t get past the initial slide without
putting my thoughts to paper (well…to digital audio, actually). Learn why I was driven to action… (6 minutes)

Desired Outcome

Desired Outcome: What the customer needs to achieve…in the way they need to achieve it. (7 minutes)

What You Need to Know About PCI

Straight talk about PCI DSS, including EMV, AoC, PA DSS, SIEM, SAQ, QIR…and other unfamiliar acronyms. (11 minutes)

3rd Party Delivery: Trends, Issues & Solutions

Learn the advantages and pitfalls of third-party delivery, while discovering a sustainable solution to enhance the entire process. (8 minutes)

An Incredible Call Center Statistic

Because it’s ALL about the support… (3.5 minutes)

The Hidden Issues with 3rd Party Delivery

What you need to know–and how to solve it! (4.5 minutes)

The Rewards of…well, Rewards!

It’s simple, it’s effective–and it works wonders with PDQ online ordering. Learn why… (3.5 minutes)

The Unsung Hero: Your PDQ Project Manager

Having a champion for your after-the-sale needs, including on-boarding, is a value-add that cannot be overlooked! (3 minutes)

The Not-So-Obvious Differences…

Learn the key differentiators between us and the “other guys” as it relates to menu management and installation/training. (<5 minutes)

Business Intelligence

Learn the holistic importance of Business Intelligence & how it turns your POS into a complete Restaurant Management System. (5 minutes)

The Fallacy of Best of Breed

A ‘Best of Breed’ approach regarding technology providers may not always be the right choice for
your enterprise. (4 minutes)


Why “Willingness” is the #1 attribute to look for in a POS provider (4 minutes)

Data Breaches, Ransomware & Zero-Day Exploits…Oh, My!

What you should know about safeguarding your most important asset–your brand. (<3 minutes)

Is ‘Best of Breed’ the Best Approach?

Synchronous solutions vs. conventional wisdom “layering” (>3 minutes)

Issues with Software-as-a-Service (Saas)

As told to us by attendees at the International Pizza Expo (3 minutes)

More About Self-Serve Kiosks

Including multiple tenders and reservations… (3 minutes)

A Competitor Charges to Upgrade Windows OS

As told to us by attendees at the International Pizza Expo (3:43 minutes)

Cloud POS vs. Legacy POS

Is a pure cloud POS all that it’s cracked up to be? (6:40 minutes)

Six Things Every Owner/Operator Should Know

Today’s POS system: what’s changed and what’s needed? (7:26 minutes)

Focusing on the Actual “Point of Sale”

Getting back to basics regarding ordering, the true point of sale… (4 minutes)

The Psychology of Digital Menu Design

Tips to maximize customer engagement and sales… (4 minutes)


A complete system with interconnected parts… (4 minutes)

Using Technology to Help Solve Labor Shortages

Three easy-to-deploy technology solutions to help ease your labor issues… (7 minutes)

5 Restaurant Technology Trends for 2022

Technology you need to adopt to elevate the guest experience & save costs… (4 minutes)

3 Easy Ways to Increase Kiosk Usage…and Why

Getting guests to use kiosks increases revenue, elevates their experience, and solves labor issues… (5:47 minutes)

Why an All-in-One F&B Restaurant Management System Matters

You have choices when it comes to a POS system for your restaurant(s). Learn why our all-in-one restaurant management system matters–and how we’re different from our competitors (3:50 minutes)

The “Big Dogs”

Do the “big dogs” really give you what you need–or do you perceive them as a “safe” choice? (3:07 minutes)

What We Are Not…

We’re a LOT of things…but here are 5 things we are NOT… (5:23 minutes)

Tablet Hell

“Here a tablet…there a tablet…everywhere a tablet…” (4:29 minutes)

Two Reductions and An Increase

How low-cost hardware and innovative software can help resolve labor, costs and revenue issues… (5:40 minutes)

The FAB 4

Are we talking about “The Beatles”… or the top 4 Features, Advantages & Benefits of PDQ? (3:56 minutes)

Eight Things…

Technology can improve and transform the restaurant-going experience. Here’s how to ensure higher levels of guest satisfaction and promote operational efficiency at the same time… (4:37 minutes)

Been There, Done That

The “new” features & functionalities from the “other guys”… well, we’ve had them for a while already! (3:36 minutes)

Sexy? Yep!

We got our start in serving pizzerias over 35 years ago. While it may not sound sexy, you’ll quickly realize that if a
provider can do pizza correctly, they can do all other concepts really, really well! (3:55 minutes)


All APIs are NOT created equal. Learn how and why you need a value-added integration, which is something not all providers offer. (3:00 minutes)

How Legacy & Tablet POS Complement Each Other

Tablet-only POS systems may work well for small businesses, but if you’re looking for enhanced features, total
scalability, custom solutions, and a better return on your investment,there’s a perfect marriage: a legacy POS
with a complementary tablet! (4:13 minutes)

Server vs. Cloud Based POS

Cloud-based POS systems may work well for small businesses, but if you need customization, scalability,
enhanced security, blazing-fast speed, and an overall lower cost of ownership, a server-based system is
your best bet. (3:50 minutes)

Enterprise Reporting

One of the many aspects of our holistic POS management solution is our full-featured, natively integrated Enterprise Reporting platform with a mobile app. Discover the true health of your enterprise as it relates to sales, labor, inventory, and more! (2:39 minutes)

Doing What’s Right

When your POS partner takes the right road–rather than the easy road–the end result is a more enhanced, value-added solution. Yes, it’s more work for the provider, but it’s the right thing to do. And doing what’s right has been in our corporate DNA since our inception over 35 years ago. (4:02 minutes)

7 POS Trends & Technologies

From enhanced guest services to enterprise data at your fingertips, here’s what you need to do in order to grow your business… (8:00 minutes)

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