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We are the #1 Rated Restaurant, Pizzeria & Bar PoS System

Signature Systems Announces "PDQ Third Party Fulfillment," a Game-Changing Platform for Delivery

Read About Us & Our "Third Party Fulfillment" in Food on Demand Magazine!

With deep roots in Pizzerias (think expert “off-prem” solutions), we quickly became the leading provider for all food concepts, including:

  • Quick Service
  • Fast Casual
  • Table Seating & Fine Dining
  • Bar/Nightclub
  • Food Truck
  • Specialty (coffee, bagels, ice cream, etc.)
Read: PDQ Signature Systems Delivers DoorDash “Self-Delivery” Integration to Jimmy John’s, its long-tenured customer!

Speaking of DoorDash (and Uber Eats and more),
we provide direct POS integration to the major delivery providers!

Read: Branch Partners with PDQ Signature Systems to Deliver Cashless Tips & Fee-Free Financial Services to Jimmy John’s

And we have thousands of independent pizzerias, quick serve, fast casual, and specialty establishments in thousands of locations throughout the USA!

No outsourcing! From development to support, to staging, to training, to security, to…well, everything–it’s all expertly done domestically in our state-of-the-art 40,000 sq. ft. headquarters In Pennsylvania.

Visit to learn how our innovative, proven solutions can benefit casino-based, all-concept eateries, bars, retail–and more!

innovative, fast-cycle

As a leading-edge technology solutions provider, we’re always at the technological forefront (which places us way ahead of the competition!)

24x7x365, live, in-house

World-class support by a dedicated team of experts, whenever needed. (Our services include on-demand menu management at no additional cost!)

native & seamless

Along with our suite of natively integrated solutions, our in-house development team of experts utilize RESTful APIs to ensure value-added connectivity to top tier 3rd party platforms.

View the ever-growing list here!

proven custom solutions

cyber & Data security
pci DSS compliance

Multi-award-winning PDQ Security© platform for complete protection against today’s emerging cyber threats


online Ordering

Natively integrated software solutions & seamless third-party integrations to Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash & more

enterprise Reporting
Mobile app

Comprehensive mobile reporting & a suite of easy-to-read informative reports, all natively integrated with the POS

Austin kiosk

kiosks, Tablets, kDs, menu boards & More

Proven, growth-enabled solutions, all natively integrated with the POS

years in business
satisfied customers
customer locations
hourly transactions
our headquarters

40,000 sq.ft. state-of-the-art facility

760 Veterans Circle, Warminster, PA


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