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We Appreciate Your Kind Words...
A Sample of the Testimonials We Receive on a Regular Basis...

Ben at Jimmy John’s

“We couldn’t open on time yesterday because we had connectivity issues. A magnificent tech from your call center the necessary time it took to troubleshoot, try things, reconfigure, re-route, etc. in order to get our system running. Although I forgot his name, he never stopped trying to resolve our unique issue with patience and expertise. Because of his efforts, we are again running flawlessly. He deserves epic praise, kudos, congratulations, laud, and hip-hip-hoorays all around! He is a hero and I want to recognize his incredible persistence and ability to boldly go forward courageously into the unknown to perform monumental acts of service and skill. He is so very talented, and I want to make sure he is recognized for going way above and beyond. He has both the skills and work ethic to keep our stores running. Thank you!”

(by the way, “he” is actually a combination of three incredibly talented and dedicated Call Center technicians: Mike N., Kyle S. & Agam S.)

Brooks & Preston, Owners of Lost Pizza

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Sal (a.k.a. “SallySlices” of TikTok fame), from Marcello’s Pizza Grille

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Danny, Director of Training, Right Way Restaurants, Inc.

“I would like to comment on our experience with PDQ. We are a unique entity with a list of very unique software needs. Over the years, several companies have tried to build a workable system for us and failed. I came to you and personally detailed the complexity of the task at hand, and I stated that if you did not want to take us on, we would understand. You took on the job, waded through our long list of changes, and shaped a product that can work for us. That is what we had to have in order to accommodate our customers, whom we have spoiled for 34 years, and we know it was a tall order.”

“From all of the Steak-Out family here in Huntsville, thank you. We are impressed! You should also know that Chris and Tony represented PDQ at the highest level. I know they had to be tired during the installation process, but they never missed a beat. Their workmanship is to be commended, and their attention to detail is greatly appreciated. The level of software knowledge and their ability to teach was also very strong. New systems create stress, and I always dread it, but they made it a lot more tolerable and we will always remember them for that. They were super! Again, thanks to everyone for making this happen. We asked for a lot, and you pulled it off. To us, you are special.”

Said, Solano Restaurant & Pizzeria

When it comes to POS, Signature Systems is the best company with the best people I’ve ever worked with during 21 years in the food industry. The non-stop dedication from everyone, especially Mike, Chris and Kat, has made me proud to have switched to PDQ. Of course after my experience using your system I can affirm that Signature Systems is the NUMBER ONE company in the USA because your software, equipment and professional service really helps restaurants grow and be successful. I will always recommend your company to any food business owner or manager. THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU!”

Dinah, Old Antlers Inn

“I have a full service restaurant with a bar. We also do delivery, food and beverage take out and online ordering. I‘d be lost without my PDQ POS system–it does everything I need it to do. It’s fast, simple to use, and the reporting gives me all the data I need to make the right business decisions. Great service. Great support. Great people!

COO, Nationwide QSR

“A major key to our success as a rapidly growing, nationwide Quick Service Restaurant has been our PDQ POS system and its continued ability to provide us with all of the leading-edge hardware, software and cyber security solutions we need to outshine the competition. PDQ’s service and support team truly goes the extra mile whenever we need them and their sales/operations staff demonstrates a commitment to excellence. Bravo, PDQ…you have a customer for life. PS: We couldn’t be the BEST in delivery without PDQ POS!”

Jimmy, Santucci Pizza

“We originally got PDQ POS on a recommendation from a PDQ user and we’re so glad we took the advice. As ‘promised,’ we’ve been selling more food, saving a lot of time & effort, and lowering our costs. We opened a second location and plans are underway for a third! My friend who recommended PDQ now has two successful locations as well!”

Nikhilesh V., a happy customer of Franco’s Pizza

“I love your online ordering website! It is quite easy and full of options for add-ons! Now if your food is as good as your website, you can count me in as another one of your repeat customers!”

Owner, La Mias Pizzeria

Chris, I want to reach out to you and thank you for all your help! Now that I have this system for a few months now, I realize how necessary and easy it is. It has made my busy times run so smooth. Your support team, no matter how complex or time of day, is always there to help until it’s fixed. I would recommend this system to anyone! We are very happy!”